Sonic the Hedgehog 8” Cable Guy

Sonic the Hedgehog 8” Cable Guy
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Do you feel that clutter is trying to take over your world, a bit like the evil Dr. Eggman? Well, in that case, you need a hero like Sonic to save you. Actually, you need the help of this Sonic the Hedgehog Cable Guy! This particular blue hedgehog uses his supersonic speed to fight evil doctors and uphold justice in the world. And, now, he’s ready to uphold tech in your room! That’s right, this Sonic the Hedgehog tech stand is designed to support most smartphones as well as PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Were not sure how Sonic got his powers, but we are sure that he can pass power onto your phone or tech! How? Well, this Sonic Cable Guy comes with a 3-metre charging cable that fits both Apple Lightning and micro USB, so you can charge your gadgets while they’re in Sonic’s hands! Sonic’s used to putting his enemies in their place. So, if you want help finding a place for your tech, this Sonic the Hedgehog Cable Guy is your… well, guy. Order yours today!   

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